Ku-ring-gai Council’s E-News Omits News of GM’s Termination

FOKE has written to the new Acting GM David Marshall asking why news of the former General Manager’s dismissal was omitted ‘From the Mayor’ newsletter published on 22 September 2023.

Mr McKee’s termination was confirmed following the mayoral election that elected Cr Sam Ngai as the new mayor on 19 September 2023.

However, Cr Sam Ngai’s first mayoral message omitted news of the failed rescission motion that reconfirmed the 15 August 2023 resolution:

“A.   That the General Manager not be offered a new contract of employment and their current contract be terminated under clause 10.3.5 of the Standard Contract of Renewal (contract).

B.   That the General Manager be thanked for his many years of service to the residents and Council of Ku-ring-gai.

C.   That the Mayor be delegated authority to authorise the payment of 38 weeks in lieu of notice in accordance with clause 11.3 of the contract and take any other administrative steps associated with termination of employment.

D.   That Council appoint the Director Corporate to act in the vacant position of General Manager with immediate effect, in accordance with section 336(1) of the Local Government Act 1993.”

FOKE takes the view that Ku-ring-gai Council needs to immediately communicate this resolution to Ku-ring-gai ratepayers.  As well residents should be advised of Mr David Marshall’s appointment as Acting General Manager.

Cr Ngai wrote in his first mayoral column about the importance of ‘engaging in respectful dialogue’.

FOKE hopes that Cr Ngai remembers these words and formally thanks the former General Manager for his sound, stable management of Ku-ring-gai Council over 17 years as well as for his contribution and loyalty since his first appointment 26 years ago, as Finance Director.

FOKE also seeks reassurances from the new mayor that he will not impose restrictions on staff oversighting the Mayoral Facebook page and/or Council E-News.

At the Council meeting of 20 June 2023 Cr Sam Ngai put forward a motion to amend the draft Social Media Policy by deleting the requirement for council staff management of the Mayor’s official Facebook page. Cr Ngai has a reputation for blocking anyone on his personal Facebook site who disagrees with him.

FOKE looks forward to reading Mayor Ngai’s message of thanks to McKee immediately.  

Posted 25 September 2023