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Resources to help you

Useful websites and contact details

These sites and contact details may be useful if you want to review or challenge a decision with which you disagree. Links are provided so you can search for additional information.


If you have a particular issue that you believe is incorrect or lacking in facts or transperancy, or even if you just want to let the ‘powers that be’ know how disgusted you are with a particular decision or process adopted by any planning decision-maker, then write to the Minister, your local MPs, and of course the media! Please send us a copy too!


You’ll probably find plenty of material on this site that you can make good use of in drafting your letter or email – including our list of contacts below.

Useful websites

Ku-ring-gai Council
Includes copies of planning documents, business papers etc.
National Trust of Australia (NSW)
Focused on protecting and caring for the built, cultural and natural heritage of NSW, through advocacy, conservation and educational programmes.
Environmental Defender’s Office, NSW
EDO NSW is a community legal centre specialising in public interest environmental law. The EDO helps community groups and others who want to protect the environment through law.
Australian Council of National Trusts
Simple contentPlaced Ku-ring-gai UCAs on its Endangered Places list in 2000, and the Jim McDougall House on its 2009 National Top Ten Heritage Places at Risk
Better Planning Network
A NSW-wide umbrella group of over 470 community action groups, advocating for a better planning framework in NSW – one that preserves/enhances the opportunities for communities to influence/control the heritage, environment, streetscapes and amenity of their area of interest. Importantly, also advocating transparency of planning decisions, and adherence to the NSW Liberal Government’s pre-election “contract” to “return planning control to local communities”!
Nature Conservation Council of NSW
Blue Gum High Forest and other environmental issues
Save Our Suburbs
The myths of the benefits of Planning NSW’s urban consolidation polices. Planning NSW has preferred to “spin” these policies rather than rebut the flaws pointed out.
Have your say to pollies, cheaply and effectively!
Australasian Legal Information Institute
Comprehensive database of legislation and court decisions. Includes NSW’s various State Environmental Planning Policies, etc.
Community-based environmental conservation in Ku-ring-gai & surrounding suburbs
Ku-ring-gai Historical Society
History of your suburb and maybe your house! Great research facilities.

Useful contact details – newspapers, politicians, etc

We can’t guarantee that all details in this list are completely up-to-date. Please let us know if you find any errors in it.

The important thing is to make sure that our politicians and other planning decision-makers understand what you want them to do, and, if they’re doing something else, to let them know you’re not happy! 

Hopefully our list of CONTACTS will make this a little easier! These are updated annually or following an election.

As for our own contact details:

Write to us at PO Box 584, Gordon NSW 2072
or you can email us at