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Media Releases

Following are the Media Releases issued by FOKE, listed in chronological order.  Our Media Releases and related interviews are regularly seen in the North Shore Times and Sydney Observer, as well as the Sydney Morning Herald.

For printed articles and media related specifically to NSW Planning’s proposed legislation and issues, click here Media Coverage of a Planning Travesty

Natural Turf Alliance: Minister Stokes’ missed opportunity to protect Sydney from Environmental Menace

Media Release 22 October 2021 by Natural Turf Alliance

Ku-ring-gai Mayor and aligned Councillors’ attempt to sack General Manager stalled

Media Release 12 October 2021

Professor Waterhouse’s Beloved Camellias Returned to Gordon Station

Media Release 22 September 2019

FOKE says NO to raising Warragamba Dam wall

Media Release 22 September 2019

Annie Wyatt’s Tree Lovers Strike Again

Media Release 4 March 2018

Gordon Station must be Protected

Media Release 13 February 2018

FOKE Celebrates 10TH Anniversary of Saving its Forest

Media Release 21 May 2017

10th Anniversary of Saving St Ives Blue Gum High Forest

Media Release 8 May 2017

Where is Annie’s Sign?

Media Release 1 May 2017

Ku-ring-gai Walks again for its Blue Gum High Forest

Media Release 24 April 2017

O’Dea puts Parliamentary job and position before Constituents on Amalgamation Issue

Media Release 14 March 2017

FOKE Thanks Council for Continuing to Fight Forced Amalgamation Through the Appeals Court

Media Release 20 February 2017

FOKE Welcomes Deputy Premier’s Call to End Forced Forced Amalgamations

Media Release 23 January 2017

Low Density Residential Zones to Disappear

Media Release 5 December 2016

Draft NSW Biodiversity and Conservation Laws taking a Giant Leap Backwards

Media Release 27 June 2016

Fighting to Retain Local Democracy

Media Release 14 May 2016

Popular Paddy Pallin Walk

Media Release 25 April 2016

Planning by Stealth

Media Release 2 November 2015

NSW Liberal Government in Total Disarray over Forced Council Amalgamations

Media Release 28 October 2015

Sheldon Forest Walk Celebrates Biodiversity

Media Release 4 September 2015

FOKE Meets with new Ku-ring-gai MP Alister Henskens

Media Release 31 August 2015

Minister for the Environment called on by community to preserve historic Turramurra

Media Release 13 July 2015

FOKE Public Forum May 2015 ” Planning in the Public Interest”

Media Release 11 May 2015

Liberals shun the “People for Planning Charter”

Media Release 7 March 2015

NSW Labor our of touch with North Shore contribution to new dwellings

Media Release 28 February 2015

FOKE Calls on Local Politicians to confirm the prior target of 10,000 for Ku-ring-gai new dwellings

Media Release 25 February 2015

Kurng-gai Communcity Groups join to push for better planning outcomes from our politicians at this election

Media Release 23 February 2015

FOKE Calls on Local State Members to stand up for Ku-ring-gai at 2015 State elections

Media Release 03 June 2014

Planning Legislation at the Crossroads

Media Release 25 February 2014

Minister Hazzard must accept responsibility for Planning Bill Failures

Media Release 01 December 2013

North Shore train services slashed in new timetable

Media Release 19 November 2013

Barry O’Farrell breaks core election promise to residents of Ku-ring-gai

Media Release 05 November 2013

FOKE thanks Ku-ring-gai delegates to NSW Local Government Conference

Media Release 08 October 2013

Community needs results of White Paper Submissions Analysis

Media Release 16 September 2013

Hazzard Planning Laws Protest – Your Rights Bulldozed

Media Release 28 August 2013

Ku-ring-gai residents take concerns about planning reforms to Parliament House

Media Release 19 August 2013

NSW Planning Reforms – Warning on O’Farrell Government Planning Strategy

Media Release 24 June 2013