Hope – Scott Farlow’s TOD Disallowance Bill

Photo: The Hon. Scott Farlow, MLC & Shadow Minister for Planning introduced a Private members Bill into the Legislative Council to disallow, ie STOP, the Transport Oriented Development (TOD) program across Greater Sydney, including the four TODs in Roseville, Lindfield, Killara and Gordon.

Scott Farlow said he will table his TOD Disallowance BiIl in the Legislative Council and “bring it on for debate . . . in the fullness of time“.

FOKE understands the earliest Scott Farlow can table this TOD Disallowance BiIl is from 6-8 August or 13-15 August 2024

It is important to write to the Legislative Council Crossbench urging them to support the TOD Disallowance Bill because the TOD:

  • is a blunt one size fits all planning instrument
  • is undemocratic
  • removes local council’s powers
  • overrides heritage & environmental constraints
  • will diminish Sydney’s trees and wildlife
  • provides no infrastructure for the Tier 2 TODs
  • will exacerbate Sydney’s traffic gridlock
  • will not provide affordable housing

Crossbench emails can be found HERE

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