FOKE Calls on Councillors to KEEP Mr McKEE

FOKE is deeply disturbed that six Ku-ring-gai Councillors – Sam Ngai, Alec Taylor, Greg Taylor, Barbara Ward, Simon Lennon and Christine Kay – recently voted to terminate Mr John McKee, as General Manager of Ku-ring-gai Council. 

In an effort to retain John McKee as General Manager, three Councillors – Martin Smith, Kim Wheatley and Jeff Pettett – put forward a rescission motion. 

FOKE strongly supports this rescission motion to retain McKee as Ku-ring-gai Council’s General Manager.

This rescission motion will be determined at an Extraordinary General Meeting of Council this Tuesday 12 September at the Gordon Council Chambers, commencing 6.00 pm

Speakers need to arrive 10 minutes before the start of the Public Forum to ensure they are on the list to speak.

It will be important for councillors to receive letters or from residents in addressing the Public Forum next Tuesday evening.

Speakers for the Public Forum need to be registered at the very latest with council by 5pm, Monday 11 September by calling 9424 0000, or by on line registration at

This Extraordinary General Meeting to determine the Rescission Motion to reinstate the General Manager will be held on the same night right after the Public Forum see

Please write to councillors at  calling to support the Rescission Motion to reinstate Mr McKee as General Manager.

OR write individually to:;;;;;;;

FOKE has written to all councillors questioning the removal of the General Manager John McKee, at a time when the Council is being targetted by the Labor Government for more urban densification. 

FOKE has also expressed the view that the sudden and unexplained sacking of John McKee will lead to the destabilisation of senior staff and experienced management as well as bring reputational damage to the whole of Council.    

FOKE fears this destabilisation could lead to the intervention of the State Government.

What may appear a straightforward decision has the potential to bring many unintended high-risk consequences into play – the loss of experienced staff, sacking of all Councillors, imposition of an Administrator, loss of planning powers and control of certain development sites.

The Hornsby Ku-ring-gai Post has published an article in support of the General Manager Mr McKee quoting the views of three former Mayors Jennifer Anderson, Elaine Malicki and Cheryl Szatow who collectively have 50 years of local government experience between them and are very concerned by the sudden termination of Mr McKee.