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Ku-ring-gai Council Planning Policies

Council Planning Policies and Documents

To complete the range of planning policies and documents affecting building and development in Ku-ring-gai, you should also check out Ku-ring-gai Council’s own planning policies and documents, accessible on its website.


A number of these items include provisions thrust upon Council by the Planning Minister or his department, notwithstanding that some of them appear in stark contradiction to SEPP No. 65 – Design Quality of Residential Flat Development.


Moreover, new or changed Local Environmental Plans (LEPs) require ministerial consent before they can be formally ‘exhibited’ – the first step towards ‘gazettal’, which also requires ministerial consent.  The zoning within an LEP can also be challenged by a developer or proponent when a development is not approved by Council, with a decision made by one of the Minister-appointed planning panels.


However, Development Control Plans (DCPs) remain basically a matter for Council.  The controls set out in LEPs, however, take precedence over those in DCPs.