Hope – Council’s legal action

Ku-ring-gai Council Vs NSW Government is expected to proceed from Friday 19 July 2024.

If you wish to attend the court case and watch from the public gallery ring the Land and Environment Court on 9113 8200 and quote Ku-ring-gai’s case number 2024/00173748 to find out the court dates.

The Land & Environment Court is at Level 4/225 Macquarie St, Sydney.  

It is important that the Court’s public gallery is filled with Ku-ring-gai residents.

FOKE strongly supports Council’s legal action that defends Ku-ring-gai against the undemocratic and environmentally and heritage destructive TOD program, which is a blunt, one size fits all planning instrument.  

Ku-ring-gai’s critical habitat, threatened species and ecological communities will certainly be used as evidence.

The NSW Government’s Transport Orientated Development (TOD) will extinguish Ku-ring-gai as we know it today.

It will allow land clearing and habit loss at a scale never seen before.

It will destroy Ku-ring-gai’s heritage conservation areas and negatively impact on heritage listed houses.

FOKE is grateful that Ku-ring-gai Council has taken the NSW Government to court over this undemocratic and blunt one size fit control.

Ku-ring-gai Council attended the Land & Environment Court for its first directions hearing (5 July 2024) where the Judge made orders and set dates for the court hearings beginning on Friday 19th July 2024.

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