Friends of Ku-ring-gai



In October 2018 Friends of Ku-ring-gai Environment (FOKE) resolved to commence a campaign to call for the World Heritage listing of Ku-ring-gai Chase National Park (KCNP).

A committee has commenced to investigate the UNESCO listing process, research and prepare the necessary documentation to meet the selection criteria. This committee aims to encourage participation from all relevant community and environmental groups.

To be included on the World Heritage List, sites must be of outstanding universal value and meet at least one out of ten selection criteria. FOKE believes KCNP can meet a number of the key UNESCO selection criteria for listing.

UNESCO selection criteria              Our comment
(iii) To bear a unique or at least exceptional testimony to a cultural tradition or to a civilization which is living or which has disappeared.


KCNP has exceptional Indigenous history, and is home to around 1,500 pieces of Aboriginal rock art. It has the largest concentration of Indigenous sites in Australia.
(v) To be an outstanding example of a traditional human settlement, land-use, or sea-use which is representative of a culture (or cultures), or human interaction with the environment especially when it has become vulnerable under the impact of irreversible change.


KCNP is an outstanding example of a traditional human settlement. Historical Indigenous sites include burial sites, caves or shelters, marriage areas, men’s areas, women’s areas, birthing areas, midden sites, stone arrangement sites and tool manufacturing locations.
(vii) To contain superlative natural phenomena or areas of exceptional natural beauty and aesthetic importance.


KCNP has superb natural beauty, from the bush through to the waterways. Fortunately preserved until the 1950/60s.
(x) To contain the most important and significant natural habitats for in-situ conservation of biological diversity, including those containing threatened species of outstanding universal value from the point of view of science or conservation.


KCNP contains significant natural habitat for in-situ conservation of biological diversity.

It is part of the northern sandstone arm that has similar characteristics and eucalyptus diversity to the Greater Blue Mountains World Heritage Area. Importantly, it is home to a number of very rare, or threatened, plants and animals.

(iv) to be directly or tangibly associated with events or living traditions, with ideas, or with beliefs, with artistic and literary works of outstanding universal significance. (Preferably used with other criteria)


KCNP is part of the history of the global national park movement. It is the second oldest National Park in Australia, gazetted in 1894. It also was one of the first national parks that celebrated the intrinsic value of nature.



Our first stage will be to establish the viability of listing by investigating the detail required to support each criterion.

We have established a Facebook page as a means to create a venue for discussion and recommendations as we progress through this process. We look forward to your comments and suggestions.