Friends of Ku-ring-gai




Here is a selection of presentations made by FOKE or presented by others at our meetings:

  • 2017 AGM Speech by Dick Smith
    Entrepreneur Dick Smith focused on Sydney and Australia’s ability to sustain the massive increases in population that are currently projected by our planners.
  • FOKE Advocacy 1994-2014
    Presentation made to the Masters of Architecture Students at the University of Technology, Sydney in August 2014.
  • AGM 2014 Presentation.
    Associate Professor Dr Marco Amati, from RMIT University, Melbourne, spoke of his 2013 study that looked at the importance of this Urban Forest in terms of its ecological value and pollution mitigation benefits.  This project sought to provide a solid basis for valuing urban forest – a crucial resource as cities adapt to climate change in the future, and vastly undervalued or ignored as part of past planning processes.