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Council Amalgamations

Council Amalgamations

NSW Government’s Council Amalgamation Push always lacked validity. In July 2017, the NSW Government stated it would abandon forced council amalgamations, ending an 18-month war with the state’s local municipalities. Local Government …



Finally, the Berejiklian Government is having a moment of pause in their developer driven destruction of our suburbs. In May 2018 Planning Minister Roberts responded to the pressure caused by the rapid growth of apartments by stating he will put a suspension on new...

Important Dates

Ku-ring-gai Housing Strategy Update

At the Council meeting on 20th October the Mayoral Minute amendment to the Draft Housing Strategy was passed.  This means that the Ku-ring-gai Housing Strategy will be based on existing capacity and planning controls set within Ku-ring-gai’s current planning instruments.

We thank MPs Alister Henskens and Jonathan O’Dea for their submissions to Council opposing the Draft Housing Strategy with proposed heights of up to 20 storeys and significantly extended areas of medium and high density areas.

Thank you to everyone who has written to the councillors and MPs with your views.

Here is the link to the Mayoral update.  See FOKE’s facebook page for more information.