Friends of Ku-ring-gai



Media coverage of a planning travesty

In recent years there has been wide coverage given by print and TV media to the ‘planning’ being thrust upon Ku-ring-gai by the State Government.

The bulk of that coverage has been in the North Shore Times , the Sydney Observer (and its predecessor the Ku-ring-gai Observer ), theNorthern Courier , and the Hornsby Advocate.  For the last ten years there has been hardly a week go by without some article or news story on the subject in one or more of these journals, as well as a regular sprinkling of letters from residents.  Almost all of these stories and letters have railed against the ‘urban consolidation’ being rammed down residents’ throats, and the destruction of canopy, heritage and amenity it brings.  All despite plans developed by Council with overwhelming support from residents and which would have delivered the same number of extra dwellings in Ku-ring-gai required by Government, while preserving the canopy, heritage etc largely unscathed.

But the media coverage ir relevant well beyond the borders of Ku-ring-gai.  This is no mere ‘NIMBY’ (Not In My Back Yard) issue of interest only to Ku-ring-gai residents.  Other municipalities understand that Ku-ring-gai merely happens to be at the forefront of change being wrought across the whole Sydney basin, to the detriment of the amenity of all Sydney residents.  The failure of the Government to make any reasonable case for its policies has been a focus of much of this wider coverage, taken up by the Sydney Morning Herald , the Telegraph , the National Trust Magazine, and by ABC TV’s Stateline.