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Ku-ring-gai’s heritage photo gallery

In 2008 we prepared a presentation for National Trust Festival Week, illustrating what was taking place in Ku-ring-gai – in particular, the loss of fine examples of our built heritage, for the sake of a range of apartment blocks, many of which are remarkable only for their lack of empathy with the existing character and streetscape of their surroundings.

Ku-ring-gai is not alone in this.  Similar impacts can be seen in every local government area of Sydney.  But nowhere else has the destruction been so focused on areas that have been so strongly recommended for conservation by the National Trust.

And all this is occurring despite the local community and council bringing forward plans that provided all the extra housing demanded by the State Government, but without anything like the same impact on Ku-ring-gai’s heritage, environment, streetscape and general amenity – and without the downstream damage to the watercourses, national parks and bays that flank Ku-ring-gai.

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