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facebook Who are we?

FOKE is a community group with membership drawn from across Ku-ring-gai, opposing inappropriate and unsympathetic overdevelopment within Ku-ring-gai, and defending and promoting the cultural and natural heritage of Ku-ring-gai.

FOKE is not anti-development.  We work on behalf of residents and friends for the maintenance of Ku-ring-gai’s heritage and the enhancement of the existing traditional character and amenity of its environment, both built and natural.

Current Issues

  • Council Says NO to Amalgamation
    AMALGAMATION talks between Ku-ring-gai and Hornsby councils are officially over. FOKE congratulates Ku-ring-gai councillors for unanimously supporting a motion to remain a stand alone Council in April 2015. The State Government's 'Fit for the Future' review of Sydney Councils requires all Councils to submit an 'improvement proposal” or 'merger proposal” by 30 June 2015. An improvement proposal must demonstrate that a council is financially sustainable by meeting a set of performance benchmarks.Ku-ring-gai Council has completed a comprehensive review of its services, finances and infrastructure which shows it meets all the government's benchmarks to remain a stand alone Council. Council is seeking the views of the Ku-ring-gai community regarding the State Government's plans for reforming local government. Your feedback is important. The survey closes on FRIDAY 12 JUNE 2015. Follow this link for information and to complete this short survey: Your Feedback to Council on Amalgamation

  • NSW 2015 Election

    FOKE congratulates Alister Henskens and Jonathan O'Dea on being elected and re-elected to the seats of Ku-ring-gai and Davidson. If you would like to read what your representatives and the other candidates think of local issues, please read their responses to a range of questions, attached below. Prior to the election, 11 Ku-ring-gai community groups asked all electoral candidates for Ku-ring-gai and Davidson to respond to 9 Questions relevant to our area. These questions covered planning policy, heritage and natural environment protections, the 10/50 tree clearing code, infrastructure and Council amalgamations. Read the full unedited responses here NSW Election: Candidates Responses to Ku-ring-gai Groups' Questions

  • Will there be a Better Planning Process for NSW?

    Following the election, Premier Baird has announced that Rob Stokes will become the new Planning Minister for NSW. Though there have been huge numbers endorsing the Community Charter for Good Planning, no Liberal candidate signed the Charter. We have not been given any reason to believe that NSW Planning will cease its pro-development approach under the new Planning Minister. In order to stress the community's disillusionment with NSW planning, a Community Charter for Good Planning in NSW was created by the Better Planning Network in conjunction with community groups and consultants. This Charter sets out the principles to achieve a more balanced, fairer, transparent and accountable planning system in NSW. Find out more about A Community Charter for Good Planning in NSW. FOKE has endorsed the Charter and we invite you to also endorse it. The more people that send a message to our politicians that we want a fairer deal from NSW Planning, the louder our voice.  For more information   More»

  • 10/50 Clearing Code of Practise: A disaster for our trees

    On 1 August 2014 the NSW Government announced the commencement of the 10/50 Vegetation Clearing legislation and Code of Practice.This allowed trees to be removed without Council approval within a 10 metre proximity to a home and other vegetation within a 50 metre radius when in a designated fire threat area. There has been widespread misuse of this legislation to destroy hundreds of trees across Ku-ring-gai and thousands across Sydney. Though there has been a tightening of the legislation in recent months, FOKE, with the majority of Local Councils and community groups, is demanding a moratorium on the destruction of our trees until the review as been completed. More»

  • Loss of more Ku-ring-gai community assets as Council continues extensive reclassification to fund its new administration building

    In November, the Lindfield Library and Senior Centre site was the latest community asset to be reclassified as operational land by Ku-ring-gai Council. Overall 24 community assets have now been reclassified by our Council to pay predominantly for the purchase of their new administation building. The acquisition was to be funded by what Council staff described as the “rationalisation” of 23 “under-utilised” assets, but these are community assets first and foremost.   Some of the 23 “under-utilised assets” included the Culworth Avenue Car Park, Killara; the Lifeline Centre, Gordon; the Gordon Community Pre-school; the Ku-ring-gai Town Hall, Pymble; and various pieces of public land adjacent to East Killara, West Pymble and East Lindfield shops.  Now this has increased to 24, including the Lindfield Library site. More».

  • Turramurra Heritage Precinct Walk –FOKE proposal to Council on 26 June 2014

    FOKE and interested residents have prepared a proposal to Council to protect the built and natural heritage areas of Turramurra for the sustainable beautification of the Turramurra Village.  An educational walk linking the key heritage areas within the Hillview precinct would highlight Turramurra's rich built history and environment, as well as enhancing its socio-economic value.  The walk would highlight Turramurra's contribution to Sydney's early history, help create a civic and cultural hub (distinct from other centres in Ku-ring-gai and Sydney). The precinct would create a ‘sense of place’ and become an active place for the local community to landscape and beautify at minimal cost to Council.  To see FOKE's proposal to Council, click here 2014 Turramurra Heritage Walk Presentation.  If you would like to support this initiative, please download our Walk Leaflet, sign the letter to Council within it and send to FOKE or Council.

News & Updates

FOKE Public Forum 27MAY 2015. Foke's 2015 AGM is being held at the Uniting Church Hall, Arnold St., Killara. Following the AGM, at 8pm, we are delighted to have renowned architect Philip Thalis speak on " Planning in the Public Interest". This is a topic that is extremely relevant for Ku-ring-gai and Sydney. Philip has been vocal on the need for a better approach to the development of public assets. Philip has had 25 years of local and international experience across a broad spectrum of architecture and urban projects, including the controversial Barangaroo development. For the details pf this event, click here FOKE 2015 Public Forum  For more information on Philip Thalis click here Public Forum Media Release

YouTube Documentary: State of Siege Much of what we expected, and were promised, in respect of planning reform from a Coalition win at the 2011 state election has not been acted on. As a consequence the documentary that exposed the ills of the past remains relevant in 2015. Click State of Siege to see the entire 2011 documentary directed by Dennis Grosvenor that exposes the history of corruption behind planning and development in New South Wales. For more information go to www.stateofsiege.com.au

See also our latest newsletter  For copies of all our newsletters, visit our newsletter archive.

Check out our latest Media Release , which highlights how Labor fails to understand the number of dwellings contibuted by the North Shore. Media Release 28 Feb 2015 and the Ku-ring-gai community groups Media Release regarding the Charter for Better Planning Media Release 23 Feb 2015

Godon Golf Course. Council has embarked on a program of community consultaiton as to the vision of this Park. Two workshops in October and November were completed. Register your interest in participaing via Future of Gordon Golf Course. Here you can also ask questions and comment. More»

Concern regarding Developer Donations Newcastle ex-mayor Jeff McCloy is mounting a High Court challenge to the 2009 legislation regarding the Ban on Developer Donations to NSW politicians. This Ban includes political donations made by entities involved in commercial property development, alcohol, tobacco and gambling activities. FOKE has written to our MPs, Mr Barry O'Farrell and Mr Jonathan O'Dea to support a strong defence of this legislation to show that the Baird Governemnt is serious about tackling corruption in NSW. Especially in light of the widespread corruption highlighted by the current ICAC inquiry.